“Cobble Hill Storage recognizes that people have different storage needs regarding their Storage Units, and that is why our facilities offer a variety of storage solutions. Whether you need a small 5 x 5 to unclutter your house, a medium 6 x 10 to store an ATV or office records or a large 10 x 20 unit to all your entire household, Cobble Hill Storage has you covered.

Competitive Storage Pricing

Starting at just $65 a month, our company has competitive prices and will match any other local storage facility to give you the best price for similar units and amenities. Cobble Hill Storage offers discounts for long term storage user to show our appreciation for your commitment for a year or longer. See the details of all our pricing in the table below.

TypeSizeClimate ControlledRate/28 days
Container7x9Nofrom $125.00 +tax
Container8x10Nofrom $135.00 +tax
Container8x20Nofrom $200.00 +tax
Parking8x20Nofrom $100.00 +tax
Self Storage4x6Yesfrom $80.00 +tax
Self Storage6x6Yesfrom $90.00 +tax
Self Storage5x9Yesfrom $118.00 +tax
Self Storage6x8Yesfrom $122.00 +tax
Self Storage7x7Yesfrom $122.00 +tax
Self Storage5x10Yesfrom $122.00 +tax
Self Storage6x16Yesfrom $195.00 +tax
Self Storage10x10Yesfrom $200.00 +tax
Self Storage10x12Nofrom $230.00 +tax
Self Storage10x16Nofrom $250.00 +tax
Self Storage10x20Nofrom $276.19 +tax
Self Storage16x20Nofrom $400.00 +tax

See which size storage units are best for you

View our Self Storage Size Calculator Tool to see which storage units are the best fit for your storage requirements.

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