The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)are here to provide helpful answers to questions that are frequently asked when getting ready to use a storage unit. Your Question is not here?…Feel free to call us at 250-743- 5320 or email us at

How big of a unit do I need?

Please refer to our UNITS tab for details of specific sizes we offer and the typical amount of stuff it can hold.

What type of storage do I need?

We offer interior and exterior storage as well as heated and unheated storage. Un heated should be used when there is no articles in your goods that can be damaged due to mold or dampness. In the storage business, heated means 48 to 54 degrees F and this is the temperature that nothing freezes and dampness is kept at bay.

Do I have to rent or lease for a fixed period?

You do not have to lease for a fixed period BUT you must pay rent for every month or part month you occupy the unit. Sorry, but three are no refunds for part months, even for just a few days….its the same as if you were renting an apartment.

Should I bring my own lock?

You can. But we can sell you an extra secure lock that will be absolutely sure to deter thieves. When you vacate your unit, you can keep the top quality lock.

How good is the security?

Security is excellent! The property is fully fenced with an 8 foot fence including barbed wire along the back and side fence lines. In addition, there are very sophisticated onsite cameras that record all movement within the storage facility. The front gate is controlled by a keypad, and each person has their own unique code that records their arrival and departure from the facility. Motion activated lights are everywhere lighting up when yu arrive and that stay on as long as you remain in the facility. Remember to smile… you’re on camera! If you are particularly concerned about the safety of your goods, we offer individual unit alarms at a small extra cost.

Is the space clean and pest free?

We do our best to maintain a pest free facility by keeping it extra clean with no garbage or debris that would attract rodents. All units have tight fitting doors to prevent pests from entering your unit. We ask our customers to ensure that they do NOT store food stuffs that rodents might find tasty. Thanks in advance!

Do you sell insurance?

We do not locker insurance. Please note we are not responsible for damage, theft etc. Please see our terms and Conditions. We strongly advise that you check with your own insurance supplier (and be sure to tell them about our security measures) to get a rider for your goods stored in our facility.

Do you have a site manager?

We do have a site manager, but not a resident manager. By not having a resident manager, we can keep our costs as low as possible and pass those savings on to you. Our site manager is always available by telephone and has full access to our systems that allow him to grant entry online.

Are the units easily accessible?

All the units are ground level and in most cases you can drive your vehicle right to the door of your unit! The site is very flat and only has minor grades for rainwater controls.

Can I book a unit more than one month in advance

If we have lots of vacancy, we would be happy to reserve a unit for you even if it’s two or three months out. However, if we become full we will always give you the first option to start your rental early to ensure you get a unit.

What kind of rental agreement do I have to sign?

All unit renters are required to sign our standard rental agreement. All the terms and conditions are reasonable to ensure a safe,
secure, and viable Storage facility. See a copy of our rental agreement here.

What are the payment terms?

All of our rentals are like a residential apartment. All rent is due in advance. In addition, we require a deposit, usually equal to your last months rent. More detailed information on payment terms is contained on our rental agreement.

How do I pay my rent?

We only accept MasterCard or Visa as this is the most convenient way for you and for us is a reoccurring charge to your credit card ( MasterCard or Visa).

What happens if I don’t pay my rent or I’m late?

We want to have a good relationship with our customers but we also may want to ensure we run a professional and smooth business for all our customers. If a credit card is declined, you will be notified and a late payment charge will be applied. If the non-payment is not rectified in five days your unit will be over locked and your gate access will be restricted. It is in all of our best interest to make sure payments are on time.

Are there any things I need to know about move-in day?

Before you move in the rent and deposit must be paid. You will receive a gate access code in advance and your unit number. You will of course need a lock that we are happy to supply and leave in your unit to use when you are finished loading it on move-in day.

Will my storage unit have a power outlet in it?

Our storage units do not have a power outlet.

What are your monthly rental rates?

Monthly rental rates depend on unit sizes and can be viewed here.

Are there restricted access times?

Because our storage facility is well electronically monitored, we offer 24/7 access.